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About the festival


The International Musical Festival (hereinafter MHF) came to the existence in Děčín in 2000, and it was initiated by  Mr Miroslav Zelenka, the chairman of the Czech Musicians Union.  The basic idea for organizing a musical festival was to popularize live music and give especially young people a sense of it in its classical form of orchestral prezentation.

The first three years the festival took place only in Děčín. Then the big bands competition was moved to Česká Kamenice and the brass orchestras parade remained in Děčín. After that, several other changes had been made in MHF organization until its present form.

The town of Česká Kamenice is the major organizer,  and the Czech Musicians Union is in charge of the dramaturgy. The town of Děčín is the co-organizer, and within the festival there are many big bands and brass orchestras concerts taking place in Děčín municipalities and also in sister towns of Bad Schandau and Pirna.

The main MHF event is a big bands competition which is divided into two categories (musicians younger than 25 and older than 25), where the first part takes place on Friday in Děčín and the second one on Saturday in Česká Kamenice. An international jury is  tasked with appraisal of the orchestras, which consists of German, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian representatives.  Czech representatives in the jury are still Mr Hybš and Mr Bayer, and above all the chairman of the jury Mr Felix Slováček, who leads seminars for orchestra managers and conductors.

Very attractive is the brass ochestras and majorettes show in the festive parade  which walks through the town of Česká Kamenice. The top of the event is a „monster-concert“ of all bands in the square under conducting of Jaroslav Šíp, the chief conductor of Czech Army Central Music.